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Black and White Thinking Guide

Black and White Thinking Guide


Let’s talk about ‘black and white’ thinking, also known as ‘all or nothing’ thinking, or Cognitive Distortions. 

Black and white thinking is when we are using extreme words, such as:

  • Perfect - Failure

  • Always - Never

  • The Best - The Worst

And if we look at actions instead of words, black and white thinking could be:

  • Isolating - Never being by yourself

  • Eating one unhealthy thing then, “I might as well binge now” 

  • Being productive - doing nothing because we can’t get it all done in one sitting


Do you struggle with this?

Do you want some tips, or a step by step process on how to work through it? 

If so, purchase this document to get the full paper on black and white thinking! 

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