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Meditation Beads

Meditation Beads


Hi there! 


This string of meditation beads was handmade by me! They take approx 2 hours to make. The stones were picked out specifically for the purposes below. The way to use this meditation strand is to get into your favorite meditation posture and hold them in your hand(s). Everytime you say a prayer, affirmation, whatever, go to the next bead. They are helpful in staying on track during meditation.

  • Meditation Beads

    Rhodonite: Helps us stay connected to the Universe as well as staying grounded. Helps us stay focused and calm during chaotic events. 

    Rhyolite: Helps us come to decisions. Great for balancing, especially with difficult emotions such as anxiety, fear, self esteem. Helps us let go and move forward with a new fiery energy. 

    Tiger Eye: Like the Rhodonite it helps give us clarity in times of scattered or chaotic thoughts and/or events. Also good with grounding and protection.

    Unakite: Another stone to help us focus. It also helps us recognize and let go of things that no longer serve us.

    Black Spinal: Allows us to not absorb any negativity being sent our way. Grounds us. Helps us let go of resentments.

    Magnesite: Brings a calming effect to emotions, allows us to have a greater tolerance for stress. Great for realizing unconscious thoughts.

    Hematite:Very protective and grounding stone. Helps with balancing in all ways. Brings confidence.

    The colors of white and black cord were chosen for their connection to the spiritual world and to protect against negativity.


    If anything you received is broken, crushed, or whatever, get a hold of me and we'll figure it out. :) 

    If anything you purchase breaks, please do the same as above. I am willing to work with you. 


    I use USPS shipping based on weight. 

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