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Self Love Ritual Kit

Self Love Ritual Kit


This is my Self Love Ritual Kit. I have researched all of the stones and herbs that are in the satchel and created the ritual myself. The full moon and new moon water were collected by me.


    The stone in this satchel is Ocean Jasper.

    The herbs are Thyme and Marjoram in the bag labled "Bath"

    The herbs in the unmarked satchel are Lavender, Basil, Mint, and Cinnamon.

    You get a small vial of full moon water and new moon water. 

    You also will receive a small pink candle with a holder for it. 


    If anything you received is broken, crushed, or whatever, get a hold of me and we'll figure it out. :) 

    If anything you purchase breaks, please do the same as above. I am willing to work with you. 


    I use USPS shipping based on weight. 

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