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Shadow Work Beads W/Red Skull

Shadow Work Beads W/Red Skull


These are meditation beads that are specifically used for shadow work. Shadow work is anything that makes us dig deeper into our subconscious to get to the bottom of the issue at hand. Some examples of shadow work may be therapy, 12 step work, meditation or journaling. 



    Recognizes and dissolves old patterns. Helps with getting into a meditative state so we can connect with our spirit guides. 

    Snowflake Obsidian:

    Brings balance and peace during times of isolation while we are walking through shadow work. Helps us recognize patterns that we do not want to engage in and assists us in finding healthier behavioral patterns to replace them.  


    Very protective and grounding stone. Helps with balancing in all ways. Brings confidence. 

    Rose Quartz:

    Helps us love ourselves and others. Great stone for healing emotional wounds. 

    Red stone:

    Gives us the fire and passion we need to continue putting one foot in front of the other during shadow work. 

    Black Spinal:

    Allows us to not absorb any negativity being sent our way. Grounds us. Helps us let go of resentments.

    The colors of white and black cord were chosen for their connection to the spiritual world and to protect against negativity.


    If anything you received is broken, crushed, or whatever, get a hold of me and we'll figure it out. :) 

    If anything you purchase breaks, please do the same as above. I am willing to work with you. 


    I use USPS shipping based on weight. I use USPS shipping based on weight.

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