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Wax Tarts (Clamshell)

Wax Tarts (Clamshell)


What in the world is a Wax Tart? Is this a sexy wax statue? Well, if you're into that, then maybe! haha!

Wax tarts are small, scented pieces of wax that are melted in a wax warmer to release fragrance into the air. You can buy wax warmers in a lot of places, I purchase them at my local thrift store. You can buy ones that melt the wax with a tea light, or that use a light bulb and you plug in (these are great because I can leave them unattended while I'm doing other things). 


The Captain (green tart):

This tart smells like masculinity mixed with alcoholism in a smoking jacket... Imagine a grizzled person sitting in front of a fireplace in their cabin... Watching the fire crackle and pop. Remembering...


Mommy Daddy Sheet Monster Time (burgandy tart):

has a chocolatey, vanillia-y and smokey scent. 


Vanilla Candy (black tart): 

has a really yummy vanilla candy smell to it. Kind of sweet but not too much.

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