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Consultant Reading 5 - 35 Minutes

Let's see what the Universe wants you to know! :)

  • 5 min
  • From 8 US dollars
  • Spine Indie Bookstore and Cafe

Service Description

What is Tarot? Tarot readings use special cards, called Tarot cards, to give suggestions and a heads up about life as well as insight to their feelings. The person drawing the cards shuffles and when they feel like they need to stop they will draw the cards (this is where the divination comes in). The person who was shuffling interprets the cards drawn based on lots of things, some of which include where they've learned what the cards mean, life experiences, and the current feeling of the situation we are asking about. Using Tarot cards helps people understand themselves better and make choices. Oracle Cards are similar to Tarot cards in that they are used for divination purposes. You shuffle until you feel like you need to stop then you draw the cards. Once you draw them you look on the card and there will be a number or letter on it. We take that number and open the book that came with the deck and read what is in the book. So instead of the reader interpreting the reading, they read from the book. The other cool thing is that this can be used for creative purposes! If you are stuck on a story you are writing, we can draw some cards to get the creativity flowing! This can also apply to any art or craft you are working on.

Contact Details

  • 1982 Arsenal Street, St. Louis, MO, USA

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