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Current Foster!!

Most of us have pets in our lives, whether they be furry ones, feathered ones or scaled ones (or hell, even imaginary ones).

Below is Jaz!! She is the pupper I am currently fostering! If you are interested in adopting her, please go to !

Pictures of Jaz (and Barb)!! 

Thanks for clicking on this link! Jaz!! is available for adoption !! 

Jaz is in the full blue harness, SIRA Alum Barbara Belle is in the pink harness, because she's a princess, damnit. 

A little about Jaz!! She came from a REAL bad puppy mill. Some mills are "better" than others, but this one was f-u-c-k-i-n-g t-e-r-r-i-b-l-e. She's been out since May of this year and is still V-E-R-Y scared of people. 

Since her arrival at our house in September she has made improvement, though!! She has learned how to use steps (yay!!) and will go outside on her own. Sometimes she will come in on her own but we have to be in the appropriate spot so we don't scare her. 

She has started sleeping in our bed at night. I'm honestly not sure if that's because she's too scared to get up and leave or if she enjoys it hahahahaaa 

I do think she enjoys it, though. I'll find her snuggled up to me and it is FUCKING ADORABLE. 

She gets along with cats and other dogs (she pretty much ignores them) and while she is still very scared she is not aggressive scared, she is freeze scared. She is not food aggressive and does really like Vienna Sausages. She has no clue what a leash is yet as she's too scared to calmly walk past us we haven't gotten to the leash yet. 

If you are interested in adopting Jaz!!, click the link above!  

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