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Hey There! 

My name is Sheeran! (like Sheer-in)

I am the proprietor of Don't Touch Me Industries.

The reason for the business name is because it really pisses me off when people think they can touch me (and other folks) without consent.

My business consists of offering Tarot readings as well as satchels, ritual kits, spiritual candles and other witchy shit. This is called my 'Witchy Bitch' line.

I also create scented candles and wax melts available, because who doesn't love a candle?!

I am starting to offer candle making parties! I just had my first one and it went so well! Everyone in attendance had a really good time, and so did I! If you're interested in booking one, click here!

I am starting to offer life-guiding sessions. I am really excited to combine witchcraft with life-guiding to help folks find their highest good. The sessions will consist of us communicating about struggles and the solutions to them. Then I will create the necessary tools to help you. Whether that is a one of a kind satchel, meditation beads, or I might send you healing light and do some personal magick for you. If you are interested in this, click here!

Or, please feel free to fill out the contact form below to request more information. :)


I'm always looking for new and exciting things to do! If you want to collaborate, chat or have questions, leave me a message (see below for contact form, or you can just email me directly)

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